I’m still here!

It’s me, I’m still here! Just a little after three months and I’ve finally caught my breath. Sorry for the absence.

There’s been so much going on and I can do is sit back and look at what God’s doing. How His hands are in every single detail, every single moment.

For example, my favorite (medical) thing going on, Madie, the best roommate you could imagine, worked at a neurologists office and brought up Von Hippel Lindau to her doctor which led me to the best doctor I could see down in FL. Not only is Dr. Nick knowledgable but he can keep up with my sarcasm and smart remarks. Possibly my favorite part. BUT Dr. Nick was trained at MUSC, my old hospital in Charleston, SC. And by my favorite doctor and neurosurgeon up there! Holy small world. But I’m living for it. The hematologist and general specialists are great too. And not knife happy *inserts all the praise hands* Even better news, all the tumors in my spine have stayed consistent in size, same with all things in my abdomen and now just waiting on lung results but it looks like it will be another year of no surgeries!! **insert even more praise hands**

I’ve started building my clientele more at work with some of the sweetest clients and I actually somewhat enjoy going in *lol finally* — but really I work with some of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. And no more working Sunday’s, so I finally get a day with T!

We just went to celebrate TJ’s cousin’s beautiful wedding and it resulted in a weekend where we finally got to spend time together like before the move again. I got to spend time at home, go to our home church and oh boy, Kepner had the time of her life with having a yard again. — You know those messages when you go to church and they hit you right in the heart? That was this past Sunday. THEN yesterday, listening to the Viall Files, with Demi Burnett from this past season of the bachelor, (MY GIRLLL), she spoke on how she wishes she was more aware of how she responds to drama and conflict, instead of saying something that could potentially hurt someone, she has realized that she wants to speak more kind and uplifting words or not respond at all. (goals) She mentioned watching the season back and how her mean words literally made her cringe, how’s that for self realization? Which is the just of the message last Sunday, that when we respond in a rude way or negatively, it is a heart problem and we need to acknowledge and work towards uplifting and positive responses to honor Him in all of our actions. Back to the point, how ironic?

It’s God and His gentle reminders. Even in the most random times and ways.


Hopefully, talk soon 😉 — here’s some of the best pictures from the past few weeks:




ever changing industries

I saw a post this morning talking about the “micro bangs” trending back up. That’s one trend I can’t get behind, but to each their own. And crushed velvet, I’m still trying to find a liking for it. Love it on others, I’m just not quite brave enough yet.

But it made me think, the beauty and fashion industry are constantly evolving, sometimes even repeating.

For those to be my top two interests is ironic considering I find comfort in daily similarities.

Its so much fun to find these trends you’ll see people immediately cling to.

For instance, I had the sweetest client in my chair the other day and since the shoulder length bob haircut became popular, she has found her most confident self with this cut.  She was also an influencer in the fashion world and holy talent. It was such a treat to get to hear how she’s grown in the industry and the change she’s seen and lived in, in some cases even created.

Then theres the few staple pieces I’ll cling to in my wardrobe. Its so much fun to be able to change the style of the pieces with jewelry, shoes and so on. Cardigans were my favorite until the lovely weather decided to feel like summer again. So its back to v neck t shirts and fun jewelry.

I’ve noticed while recently doing my laundry how neutrally colored I tend to keep the main pieces. Buuuut, animal print *insert praise hands here*. And golds, oh the golds. Gimme all the druzy pieces too. Especially with my currently, though also ever-changing brown hair.

What are some trends and staple pieces you swear by? I’d love to hear in the comment section! And please tell your local spot you shop the most from! It’s so much more rewarding to your city to #shoplocal than scrounge money towards these huge corporations.

I’m so grateful to have found a few local shops in my recent venturing out of WG– pieces will be posted soon!