happy 2019

Just here to get my 2019 thoughts written down!

I’ve started this year so grateful. Finally, six months after moving to central Florida am I realizing how much opportunity is within miles of me. And the amount of coffee shops within those miles too 😉 (sippin’ on Downtown Credo’s lavender iced latte as I type.) This coffee shop is a choose your price shop. I swear the barista had to explain to me more than once before I understood. They simply have the suggested price on their menu and you decide what you want to pay. How cool is that??? And the coffee is SO good!

I have found that I’ve been limiting myself. Putting myself in boxes that I can’t be more than one thing at a given time. Then on my way to the beautiful downtown Winter Park, I was listening to Jordan Lee Dooley‘s SHE podcast and her guest speaker, Alli Worthington, nailed it. Her and Jordan both considered themselves “unicorns.” Women who want to and do wear more than one hat. For instance, I am not only a hair stylist, not only a girlfriend, not only a patient and not only any one thing. It was so empowering to hear these successful women say that they battled in changing seasons finding that they can be all of who they want to, also.

If you haven’t been downtown Winter Park, plan your trip. Its like a combination of Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC, so charming and quaint. And listen to the podcast on the way 😉

I also want to just be more this year. To be more present, more content and to put a more conscious effort into being constantly grateful. More adventurous to tour my not so new city, too.

Thank you for supporting my blogging dreams and reading this short post. Comment below what you’d like to hear from me this year. I can’t wait to see what 2019 holds.

xo, central fl dog mom




2 thoughts on “happy 2019”

  1. I want to hear what’s it like after all these years recovering from your surgeries and your diagnosis and how you deal with it? Because I know everyone has their days so how does this still effect you in present day ❤️

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