central fl *dog*

20914171_10214101127427667_6178276738874012018_nbut really, most of the ones who will be reading this have already met her or heard A LOT about her. but i thought it would be an ideal time for my whole #adoptdontshop speel.

in december 2015, against what i was told to do, by my grandparents who i was living with at the time (oops.) and everyone else. i was so sure i wanted a puppy. after a spinal surgery that leaves you unable to walk unassisted, the defiance makes a bit more sense. but thats a different post.

with my go-to partner in crime, Jas, we drove an hour to Hilton Head Humane. on their Facebook that morning, the cutest german shepherd mix was made available. so on we went. until we walked in and that very pup was walking out with another person. so there we walked back to the car and i started calling every shelter.

jasper animal rescue was our next stop when they said they had puppies. an hour in the opposite direction we went. bless Jas’ heart that she dealt with me this day, y’all.

we arrive, we see a few pups but none that compared to the one i was so sure of bringing home that morning. until my girl comes out. ears up and all. (pic below- you’re welcome) so i start filling out adoption papers immediately for “kisses” and we leave totally unsure of what to do, but we got this pup and our mission was complete.


on to the good part. the basic who rescued who story. i needed my girl so much more than i realized; it was the usual post-serious, life threatening surgery depression. what was really the point of physical therapy, why would i go to walk around on a walker i had at home? i couldn’t feel my left leg at all and there was no light at the end of the tunnel. all of this that wasn’t 100% guaranteed to work only to get me to go back to a job i hated? absolutely anything you told me was not worth it in my angry little eyes.

but then there was Kepner. formerly named kisses, but better known now as Kep. i had to be able to feed her, buy the cute collars and the squeakiest toys. and i suddenly wanted to be better, i wanted to go back to my dreadful food service job.

she rescued me. she became a purpose, a reason, a why for me to get better, to try and to dream. its insane sounding- all for a dog. but for a dog that saved me.

this is no ” go adopt a dog when you’re going through something” story but a reason to adopt next time, you never know how much the rescue dog may rescue you.

heres to fl, Kep.



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