the beginning

thank YOU! for stopping by. since the beginning of the year i’ve been thinking really hard on what I *actually* want to be doing. blogging and online shopping seem to be the most inspiring, so here I am. here’s my attempt to begin this journey. (and hopefully just the beginning of the next one too.)

why do something you’re not passionate about? why waste the usual forty hours for some corporation that doesn’t know your name and is barely paying your bills no matter how hard you work? people work better for themselves. that just maybe my opinion, but why work hard and someone else get paid for it?? reason #76855 in my head for all the new things.

moving states, new friends, old friends, new jobs and finding/gaining independence. same super cute pup and the same love for coffee. new coffee shops *insert heart eyes* // its almost uncomfortable for the one that finds comfort in the small similarities in everyday.

stay tuned for a little bit of everything i just mentioned, plus some. with a lot of southern references.

–bare with me. this will get better, i pinky promise!


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